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Mosaic is a multi-cultural church reflecting the diversity of the community we live in with members from Halifax, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana, Sudan, Columbia, Zimbabwe, Iraq, and Zambia.

We chose the name Mosaic because ancient scenes called Mosaics were made when different shapes and colors of glass or stone were placed together by an artist to create a beautiful picture. 

We are situated in a community called Fairview which is one of the most ethnically diverse communities east of Montreal. That diversity is reflected in our congregation with the different cultures and people coming together to create a wonderful Mosaic.


Keith Wells

Keith came to his faith in 1979 at a Billy Graham event held in Halifax while he was in Radio Broadcasting School. He spent the following 29 years working in private radio in Halifax while attending New Life Christian Church, where he was lay pastor for 18 years. In 2009 Keith left broadcasting and worked to amalgamated New Life Christian Church with another local church to form Mosaic Church where he is in full time ministry.

 Stephanie Robinson joined Mosaic in September of 2022 and is the Pastor of Spiritual Development. This ministry provides weekly classes focusing on the hindering effects of trauma, abuse and emotional brokenness, bringing the healing and strength of Christ into these areas of our lives. 



It is said that Faith comes by hearing . These talks attempt to show the mysterious way the ancient Hebrew and Christian writings are relevant today, showing us how to have a relationship with God and healthy relationships with each other.

These writings are called the Bible, the most revolutionary combination of books and letters ever to be written.

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The Mission Of Mosaic



Mosaic Church supports various humanitarian efforts in Cuba. Each year we visit Holguin to distribute financial support for pastors and their churches and humanitarian support for individuals including supplies for an orphanage. We also have established something called Casa Donna. 

Casa Donna is a house that Mosaic Church purchased which provides a residence at no charge for parents travelling from outside Holguin who have children being treated at the local Hospital and require a place to stay.


Mosaic Church is a strong supporter of community initiatives through providing finances and building usage for programs such as:

  •  Exercise class and arts & Crafts for community seniors
  • English Second Language classes
  • Community Cooking Classes
  • A Nepali Christian Church service
  • Fairview Community Association meetings & events
  • The Fairview Community Gardens 
  • Fireworks and financial assistance for the annual Fairview Community Family Picnic each summer and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting event in December.

Faith is our focus